Selling in a market environment where the demands of consumers are constantly changing and evolving, it is important to align sales processes accordingly. With NRI’s comprehensive approach towards process management, we start with understanding the client’s objectives and carry out stepwise support to our clients. Ranging from understanding current processes to issues identification to solution development and implementation, the expert team at NRI can provide support at modular level as well, depending on client's requirement. We also assist in change management and stakeholder alignment required for seamless transformations.

How do we create impact

Efficiency and Process Improvement

Leverage an in-house extensive database of process KPIs to assess business performance. Conduct periodic meetings/ workshops to assess actual benefits of proposed solutions and recommend necessary on-field changes.

As-Is/ To-Be

Deep dive analysis of current processes to assess current maturity, identify gaps and suggest better processes as per industry trends/ client future vision.

Business Reforms

Develop exhaustive list of potential improvement interventions and prioritize based on potential value and efforts in solution implementation.

Operations are the backbone of running any business, be it a manufacturing or a service business. We at NRI understand various business operations to the core and work alongside clients in identifying problems, designing and implementing solutions to ensure real impact, and also doing the change management that comes along with any improvement or transformation. Having our Japanese roots and ties with experts in the field of various Japanese concepts of operations management, we bring strong expertise in running operations projects.

Pilot Execution

Some ideas need to be tested first before going forward for large scale execution, we help clients run diagnostics, pilot projects, small scale improvement projects on the line of Kaizen to test various improvement ideas and measure the impact in real metrics.


Deploy experienced project management consultants to provide support from project planning to execution to closure. Introduce comprehensive project monitoring framework to provide detailed visibility into project progress and flag potential areas of concerns.

Having an effective sales ecosystem is essential for running a successful business. We at NRI help clients improve almost all aspects of their sales strategy be it channel optimisation or on-ground sales strategy enforcement while ensuring real impact.

Sales Improvement

Sales improvement is as much about strategy, as it is about on-ground execution of that strategy to achieve real impact. At NRI, we believe in not only designing the sales improvement programmes, but also in helping clients effectively implement those programmes.

Cost Optimisation

Performing supply chain optimization using strategy and data analytics for network planning, including warehouse operations improvement and logistics control. Additionally, we provide dashboards for clients for real time monitoring and decision making.


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