No business strategy can ignore the criticality of the role played by the different regulation and policies present in different regions. With market expansion and entry into new markets also come greater challenges of understanding local policies and regulations. This requires greater knowledge of the local laws, and has a larger impact in the effect of any transformational strategy. NRI’s consulting services is committed to simplifying the complexities in these regulatory policies, and enable clients to make informed and aware business decisions.

How do we create impact

Regulations and government policies are crucial in charting out business strategies, be it in the short term or long term. We at NRI, help clients develop better understanding of various governance, risk, and compliance issues along with actionable strategies to achieve business success.

Regulatory Advisory, Regulatory Study

Having a good understanding of the regulatory environment and keeping a close watch on changes that are happening, is essential in current times. We at NRI, help not only the businesses in better understanding the regulatory landscape but also industry associations to chart out various regulatory roadmaps to work effectively with the government

Risk Assessment & Mitigation Advisory

With new risks emerging every day, and existing risks getting more complex, in order to succeed in the marketplace it is essential for companies to identify the key risks to meeting their business objectives and to assess the amount of total risk faced by the enterprise. To support optimal risk taking and value creation, risk management should not only look at potential threats, but also address missed opportunities and sub-optimised results.

Governments face increasingly complex and dynamic challenges that require new policy solutions. The policies which are rolled out for the industry often invite differing views from the stakeholders viz. companies, customers, execution bodies etc.

Policy Review

We study the impact of policy and legislation across a wide range of issues facing our clients, situated in various parts of the world. Our public policy experts include renowned academia, former high level government officials and executives with deep industry executives in various markets.


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