Product is at the center of many businesses and having the right product is essential for the success of such businesses. Right from the idea conception to launch of the product in the market, it is very essential to understand various technical and business aspects of product design. We at NRI provide support across complete product development cycle, right from testing out concept and ideas to a full-fledged product implementation and roll out.

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Product Development

In product development stage, it is very important to take inputs from the market and test out various ideas to develop a successful product. We at NRI help clients conduct product clinics in a well designed and structured way to achieve the best inputs. In addition to this it is equally important to look into various capabilities and competencies required to develop the envisioned product.

Product Strategy

We at NRI help clients understanding the market and designing their product strategy accordingly. We help clients understand the market requirements through techniques like QFD and develop a strategy keeping in mind the current and future capabilities required for developing the right products.

Pricing Strategy

We at NRI help our clients in setting the right pricings strategy by taking into account the competitive scenario, cost economics, customer expectations, and various payment business models to achieve the pricing models that ensures the maximum value addition to the client.

Profitability Analysis

Profitability can come from various sources and a business needs to analyse its product portfolio and perform profitability analysis to find out the right product mix and thus develop an effective business strategy.

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