Marketing is changing. And, the metamorphosis of marketing is seemingly more evident with the disrupting market dynamics. To gain or sustain, companies must transform their marketing ecosystem to make it fit-for-purpose amidst always-on business evolution. Marketing transformation is the answer, however, with a methodical approach. With the recipe of Brand-Customer-Digital, NRI Marketing Transformation Practice helps to formulate a modular blueprint to enable a systematic marketing transformation for its clients.

How do we create impact

A Meaningful & Unique brand promise provides powerful new capabilities that can be leveraged for double-digit growth. However, practising it consistently across multiple facets of your brand is complex. Bx solution suite encompasses relevant building blocks to craft and implement data-driven brand strategies which resonate with the right target customer while synergizing the brand statement both internally & externally.

Price Pilot

Price needs to be decoded to understand its different roles while moving up the customer-benefit hierarchy. Contrary to the traditional belief, the price has the power to be strategically set to move customers upwards in the funnel.The target pricing is a result of multiple correlated factors, and assessment of the cause-effect relationship for each factor is critical. NRI ‘Price Pilot’ decodes critical insights from multiple dynamic factors to enable holistic pricing decisions.

Product Evaluation

To conquer the ever-expanding marketplace, companies are constantly trying to evolve their product offerings. Maintaining the apt product competitiveness while remaining customer-loved and profit worthy for business is the key challenge. Consumer validated periodic product evaluation comes to the rescue which helps in understanding the current state and determining future product evolution trends as well.

Media Mettle’

With the rise of new-age media along with innovations in the way brand communication is being served to the customers, companies must look for opportunities to optimize marketing investments. Media Mettle’ provides a comprehensive understanding of efficiency and effectiveness of each penny spent along with relevant scenarios for optimization towards favorable returns.

Brand Blueprint

Strong brands consistently outclass the competitive ecosystem and transform into a truly winning brand. Symbiosis of both strategic & tactical imperatives across all P’s of marketing is the NRI mantra to design a winning brand charter. The holistic 8-gate approach empowers to create meaningful & sustainable brands by leaving no stone unturned.

Go to Market Launch Pad

Deploying comprehensive levers to enable successful new brand launch strategies along with relevant KPI metrics planning, tracking and agile counter-measures arrayed to accelerate growth.

Customer interactions, expectations and experiences are evolving radically across the customer lifecycle. Cx suite is carefully designed to help engage individual customers in the moment as well as across the customer journey, building a rewarding brand-customer bond and delivering an impeccable customer experience.

Customer Journey Mapping

Changes in the VUCA world along with rising customer expectations & technology proliferation require fundamental changes in core thinking in marketing. Customer journeys are complex with ample amounts of circular connections but at the core of it, customers behave with similar aspirations during their purchase journey across the industries. Customer journey mapping involves multiple touchpoint analysis for brands and helps to arrive at key areas for performance via an ideal visualization.

Customer Compass

Customer-centricity is all about making your customers the compass for finding the true north. The customer compass module brings together a variety of data-led human-centric techniques. Target customer identification, persona design, unmet need analysis & ethnography are a few of the techniques which help to zero down on the right potential customer.

Customer Experience Design

Support clients in developing suitable customer experience strategy by undertaking a data analytics-based approach to identify customer reach effectiveness.

Sometimes, the world changes in ways that obsolete everything that came before. Businesses are morphing in response to the rapid changes in the way we process data and information. It calls for a pervasive, agile, automated, digital-native approach to marketing. Dx solution suite transforms the existing business blueprint to make it future-ready in a digital world; while adding new perspectives to capture efficiencies.

Digital Maturity

Digital transformation rides on technologies. To accelerate the transformation, building the right technological & organizational capability is non-negotiable. We work with clients to assess relevant marketing technology solutions, enable best in industry processes and deploy data partnerships to drive systematic digital maturity.

Digital Footprint Assessment

A holistic assessment of traceable digital efforts across owned, paid and earned media to evaluate effectiveness, optimize brand efforts across channels and benchmark competition to identify best-practices.

Digital Media Strategy

Pushing broader business effectiveness by intertwining digital across multiple facets of marketing. Delivering a digital-native marketing blueprint to command business gains through digital advantage.

Marketing Console

Real-time understanding of user-voice, brand recognition and competitor actions in digital via live-dashboards, future trend analysis and crisis-sensing.

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