Buying or selling a business or a major asset, undertaking a merger or a joint venture in these dynamic markets, one would need advice to derive value from the transaction. We at NRI, bring together data, financial analysis and industry knowledge to help our clients realize the true value of every transaction. We assist our clients throughout the lifecycle of their investments and enable them to meet their objectives. Our global network reinforces our capacity to serve you in the context of your contemplated international transactions.

How do we create impact

Partner Search

NRI’s strong local network & connect within industries will help the business leaders in identification of the right partner and a comprehensive plan outlining detailed expectations, requirements, and expected benefits

Lead Advisory

End-to-end support throughout the lifecycle of an investment to enable investor to meet its desired objective. We bring, along with in-house knowledge, a pool of subject experts and act as one point Project Management Office (PMO)

Due Diligence

With strict due diligence, our clients can take informed decisions to tackle the risks involved and make the end result a success. We offer business, commercial, background check and financial due diligence services

Post Merger Integration

Smooth integration ensuring expected synergies and reducing disruption to business operations achieved by extensive involvement of cross-functional stakeholders and detailed plans for each activity

Organisation Restructuring

Identification of gap between targeted organisational structure and actual situation. Stating best practices prevalent in the industry and to make future ready organisation structure

Business Valuation

NRI perform high-quality analysis of companies to evaluate transparent and robust business value satisfying ventures, corporates and investors requirement


Case Study
Achieving a successful sale of 50% stake in a leading Auto component business

Delivered a complete merger and acquisition support with a seamless process

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Case Study

Providing Aquisition Support through a strategic investment framework
Expanding business opportunities for a global Japanese investor
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case study

Ensuring the successful acquisition of an EPC company with business due diligence
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