Whether you are trying to understand your customers, users or competitors, market research is a critical component of business strategy to extend your leadership in the industry. It provides all the information that you need to make better informed decisions. We at NRI specialise in / help businesses create more meaningful opportunities for customer engagement, improve their products and services and, ultimately, magnify their sales.

How do we create impact

Mystery Shopping

Knowing how your business is doing against the competition is a smart move to determine how you should play your cards. Companies that use mystery shopping in the right way can improve their business processes, customer satisfaction levels while also gaining critical insights about strengths and weaknesses of the competition.

Customer/ Market Segmentation

Our research shows that organisations with great segmentation strategies enjoy higher profits than those whose segmentation wasn’t as effective" can be simplifed to "Our research shows that organisations with great segmentation strategies enjoy higher profits than those with lesser effective segmentation.

Benchmarking Study

Discover the best practices in the industry or within a specific competitor or in an entirely different industry. We help in identifying gaps within the organisation’s processes to achieve the desired competitive advantage.

Customer Behaviour Analysis

We provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of how customers interact with your brand through techniques such as customer segmentation, predictive analytics behaviour and understanding of customer journeys.

Primary and Secondary Research

Meet your research goals, globally. From in-depth qualitative research expertise to the latest AI-based technology, we have the right solution to support you.

Industry/Competition Analysis

Understand the structure of the industry and identify your key competitors while evaluating their strategies to determines and strengths and weaknesses relative to your product and services.

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