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NRI encourages its employees to keep pushing boundaries to pursue their professional growth by providing a training program that integrates on-the-job training, classroom lectures , group discussion, and self-learning opportunities.

NRI assigns an instructor to new employees, imparting necessary knowledge and skills for the job. NRI also has cross-functional training systems linking our Consulting and Systems divisions, as well as trainee systems at our domestic and overseas offices.

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"For individuals with the eagerness to learn and grow, NRI offers just the right platform with a mix of freedom, great mentorship and dynamic projects. The workplace is brimming with energy every morning to deliver and conquer with the support of fun and inspired NRI family!"

-Archita Ahuja, Senior Consultant, AICG

"I started my corporate career with NRI 2 years ago. NRI has provided me with a group of amazing colleagues, supportive mentors & work environment that encourages cross functional cooperation & learning. Proud to be a part of NRI family!"

-Sukanya Patil, Deputy Senior Consultant, ISCG

In NRI India, I work with colleagues from various cultural and knowledge backgrounds. I like the company culture where everyone is reachable and open for discussions, working together on a wide range of challenging projects.

-Maya Nakajima, Deputy Senior Researcher, GKC

"NRI India is an inspiring and stimulating environment to work in. The learning curve is steep and work has been consistently challenging and rewarding. The best thing about the company is the willingness of colleagues to help and guide you along."

-Shivam Singhal, Deputy Senior Consultant, ISCG

It is very comfortable working with NRI India. I am motivated here to utilize my strengths and seek creative solutions. The experiences I have gained in NRI India are valuable to my career growth. I am proud to say that I am part of a great team.

-Ashish Bansal, Senior Researcher, GKC

I feel lucky every day to have a peer network of brilliant and diverse individuals, a work routine of impactful assignments, and a culture of freedom and responsibility resulting in steep growth opportunities.

-Prakhar Singh , Senior Consultant, AICG

NRI is not only a hub of talent but also a blend of cultures with various opportunities to grow professionally as well as personally. With colleagues who are more like friends, and managers who mentor us consistently, I always feel supported and appreciated.

-Manasvi Mukerjee, Deputy Senior Language Expert, GKC

“NRI provides an exciting and intellectually stimulating environment ideal for growth as a strategy consultant. The quality of the work and colleagues and the constant mentorship from the top management here provides the perfect opportunity for learning and self-growth.”

-Tushar Gupta, Manager, ISCG

“At NRI, everyone is on a path to being a leader. You are given incredible amount of ownership, right from junior levels, and great opportunities to take the lead and showcase your skills.”

-Prashant Aggarwal, Manager , ISCG

NRI is where you can achieve an exponential growth in your comprehensive consulting skills. Depending on your interest, you can choose everything you want to be involved in from various types of projects. (NRI is a global consulting firm, covering an extensive consulting service across theme, industry, and geography)

-Takafumi Kuramoto, Senior Consultant, CFCG

“For me, it’s been more than half a decade (6+ years) of working with NRI, can very positively say it’s been an enriching experience thus far” Conducive and employee friendly work environment is what makes NRI a great place to work., In terms of career growth it provides a great platform to enhance knowledge and research / consulting skills. NRI provides for a nurturing work culture ingrained with lot of fun elements and employee development activities.

-Aprajita, Deputy Senior Consultant, BPI

''Often, consulting can be a steep learning curve but NRI’s nurturing culture has supported my growth immensely. The culture & my mentors have allowed me to grow quicker, enabling my intellectual curiosity and garner a much wider experience across different themes and industries''

-Subhodeep Sengupta, Senior Consultant, SDDT

“My journey with NRI has truly been enthralling. Exponential learning curve, opportunities to undertake challenges, and approachable colleagues have been the directing factors for my career progression. Needless to say, it’s a great organization to begin one’s career!”

-Abhinav Arora, Deputy Senior Consultant, SDDT

“NRI constantly offers me intensive learning and challenging opportunities to grow as a professional. I also appreciate I’m surrounded by smart, ambitious, and yet friendly people, who’re always willing to help when necessary.”

-Risa Sone, Deputy Senior Consultant, CFCG

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