In the era of market expansion, strategy is key to ensure organizations reach the right market and the right audience. Expansion comes not only with an extended customer base and new market, but also with complexities such as increased management and operational challenges, understanding local culture, values and market dynamics. We offer solutions that help organizations mobilise for change, navigate uncertainty and achieve sustainable growth for companies.

How do we create impact

The amount of disruption brought by technological changes in almost every industry has decreased the average lifespan of a company. For the businesses to sustain the competitive advantage gained over the years, it is of utmost importance to align the business strategy with the organisation’s long term purpose and capabilities. We help clients boost their performance and position themselves for success by assessing how internal and external changes affect their progress towards strategic goals.

Network Strategy

Reaching the customers in the age of e-commerce and social media might seem all so easy, but without a well-defined distribution channel strategy, the company might stand little chance to impact the target audience. We help clients in crafting strategies essential for positioning the products and services to the target customer in the target market.

Growth Strategy

Growth is fundamental to the sustainability of businesses. A company without a growth strategy is losing business or increasing the chance of losing business to its competitors. We help our clients develop sustainable growth strategies by helping them identify their fundamental value proposition, ideal customers, revenue streams and strengths.

Diversification Strategy

With blurring geographical lines in the 21st century, businesses can achieve greater profitability and growth by developing new products in new markets. However, businesses need to be wary of the risks and complexities that arise with the diversification strategy.

Business Planning

Defining goals for the company’s future direction and determining key strategic decisions required to achieve those goals. We help clients build relevant planning and performance management systems with clearly defined objectives and performance metrics.

Competitive Landscape

Creating an accurate map of competitive forces at play serves as the basis for competitor based strategies. By evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor, companies can position their products and services to compete more effectively.


Nothing is more valuable to a business than the ability to make well-informed decisions. Businesses rely on forecasting to develop data-driven strategies crucial to anticipate future change in the market and sustain the competitive edge.

Turnaround Strategy

The lifespan of companies is shrinking. As many businesses grapple with sudden and dramatic challenges from disruptive market forces, our distinctive set of capabilities enables us to help clients quickly stabilise operations and orchestrate an effective turnaround while implementing long term financial and operational transformation.

Explore new market opportunities such as the expansion into new geographies, identification of new channels, targeting of new customer segments

Business Feasibility

NRI helps translate data-rich activities such as competitive analysis, economic forecasting, market sizing and customer perspectives to feed decision-makers with possible feasibility.

Business Model Design

Writing a business plan is more than running an excel file. We at NRI, give recommendations based on forecasting techniques by capturing the changing business ecosystem.

Launch Strategy

In an extensively competitive market, designing a strategy – where to go, why to go, routes to sellers, ways to sell are essential. We offer a strong understanding of the distribution landscape, supply chain environment and product-market fitment.

Partner Search

NRI’s strong local network & connect within industries will help the business leaders in the identification of the right partner and a comprehensive plan outlining detailed expectations, requirements, and expected benefits.


Case Study
Comprehensive distribution partner search strategy to drive long-term growth

Helping clients improve organizational performance by finding the right busineess alliance

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case study

End-to-end partner search strategy to leverage the progressive Indian market
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