Global players are seeking opportunities to enter India by partnering with upcoming new brands, which are rapidly challenging the incumbents of the market

Identifying a suitable business partner is the key to a smooth entry into India

  • Indian market may be characterized by its:

    • Large, young, growing population
    • Diverse business culture
    • Complex regulatory setup
    • High setup costs due to large geography
    • Fragmented and price-sensitive market
  • In a partnership, multinationals would rely on the local partners to cope with these challenges in the Indian market and, be able to leverage their domestic presence for the MNC’s growth. This makes partnerships with local players very crucial for the multinationals’ to make inroads and make its presence felt in India.

Case: Partner search exercise for a leading global company to enter the Indian market

  • Our client was wary of entering the Indian beer market; as 85% of the total market is strongly held by 3 leading companies. NRI identified a pocket of blue ocean in the competitive market for the client to grow with a local partner.
  • We studied the evolving consumer preferences. Macro economic changes indicating new growth possibilities and a systematic roadmap was then employed to search a suitable partner. Detailed discussions with the client about partner traits were then followed by partner profiling and the shortlisted potential partners were approached via professional soft-sounding to ensure a successful collaboration with the client.

NRI’s way to find and enable a successful partnership in India

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