Backed by a team of highly-experienced language professionals who provide an all-round solution to business's language related issues, NRI focuses on utilizing the best of people and technology to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Enabling businesses to widen their market and reach more audiences across the globe, NRI’s language support service supports organisations with creating a diverse and successful business environment.

How do we create impact

Human Translation

Attract your Japanese audience by effectively communicating through our Language Expert’s ability of sharing knowledge and ideas through translation.

Human Aided Machine Translation

Speedy and nuanced quality through Post-Editing of our AI-based MT engine which covers 90+ languages and across the industries.

Editing & Proofreading

Detailed-oriented experts ensure quality assurance and deliver a satisfactory outcome for your clients.


Remote, real-time interpretation will support smooth communication which is essential for business development.

Event Facilitation

Discover ways to create an effective and inspirational live experience with us through our logistic management strategies.


Record and utilize your client interactions.

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Case Study
Effective sales strategy resulting in a 37% increase in conversion

Devising sales strategy for better conversions and improving KPIs across sales channels

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