Competition from new entrants in the online real estate market has resulted in an increased focus on improving lead conversion rate

Online realty platforms are witnessing a fierce competition from new entrants

  • Online realtors are witnessing high growth but at the same time are being faced with fierce competition that is fueled by a rising population of internet savvy individuals, increasing per capita income and rise in new entrants in the market.
  • Moreover, conversion ratio (total customers tapped to total leads generated) has gained importance as KPI in the market due to margin pressures.
  • Furthermore, data analytics is expected to play an important role in targeting the right set of customers and convert digital advetisment leads to profitable conversions

Case: NRI recommended solutions to improve lead conversion rate

  • NRI undertook a root cause analysis to identify the right channel amongst online, tele-calling and fleet-on-street to improve sales growth.
  • Post client buy-in, identified tele-calling sales channel for recommending improvement solutions. Conducted gap identification between current SOPs and ‘to-be’ SOPs.
  • Conducted workshops for recommended solutions such as accurate priority categorization for potential, target setting, incentive and training plans for tele-calling agents, among others.

Sales Strategy Growth Framework

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