A blue ocean opportunity to disrupt the unorganized independent housing market is expected to be the next big thing for organized construction and design players

Unorganized independent housing market is ripe for penetration by organized players

  • The independent housing market in India is witnessing an unprecedented growth for organized services driven by an increased knowledge from technology. This awareness, seen in the organized services offers quite a few benefits, such as ease of construction and timely delivery, especially in the Tier I cities - Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.
  • In addition, the market is expected to experience a sustained growth driven by a demand from Tier II cities such as Ahemdabad, Jaipur and Lucknow, among others.
  • Many investors perceive this market ripe for disruption of an unorganized market to a much more focused organized housing market.

Case: NRI provided acquisition support service to a global Japanese investor

  • NRI identified a potential partner (a full service independent home construction company backed by one of the largest cement manufacturer in India) for a Japanese investor with a global presence.
  • NRI provided support for preparing business plan of the target, commercial due diligence, competitive benchmarking, valuation analysis, synergy assessment and term sheet drafting.
  • An overall framework driven approach led the client to understand an emerging market in a new geography enabling an investment decision.

Strategic Investment Framework

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