With continuous geographical expansion and an increase in sales channels, having a flexible and an optimized sales team structure is more important than ever

Perfect sales team structure lead to right service levels at each outlet across channels

  • The FMCG industry is undergoing a fundamental transition. From conventional brick and mortar retail stores, the industry is now shifting to modern trade formats. In fact, while MT is still establishing new channels like e-commerce, online grocery have come into the picture and this pose an interesting challenge while designing sales team.
  • To stay ahead of competition and strive in rapidly changing marketplace, a continuously evolving sales structure is essential while keeping a focus on key accounts. Proper designing is required to move away from silo-based-planning to integrated-plan with greater visibility and controls

Case: Designed channel specific salesforce for better efficiency and accountability

  • NRI worked with an Indian Frozen Food company to build their sales team via bottom up approach for different channels. It involved following steps: 1) defining roles at all touchpoints 2) Reviewing company’s sales activities 3) beat sizing and headcount building using own analysis & industry benchmarks 4) aligning territories based on company’s vision.
  • This was done through detailed interviews, both internal and external and actual visits to understand sales activities and determine beats per executive. This helped client in achieving greater accountability, reduced duplication, efficient coverage and coordinated growth.

Support for Designing Sales Team

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