Growth is often associated only with the numbers.But to achieve wholesome growth, it is also important to understand the overall growth of organisations, in terms of its people - their value and skill sets. Often large players in the market, stay stagnated in terms of the organisation structure despite seeing a positive growth in terms of the revenue generated by the business. NRI took over one such transformation of an organisation, that despite growing 5 times in revenue, hadn’t evolved from a employee perspective.

The Objectives

  • Revive and transform the organisational structure into an agile and future ready organisation by improving the skill sets of the employees to match it to the current scale of the company.

The Impact Created

  • More efficient organisation structure with higher accountability, better communication between teams and additional roles were created
  • Between teams, additional roles were created. Introduced missing activities to help better evolve better strategies that help in offering a competitive edge.
  • Despite an overall increase in headcount, the revised structure could support the client’s long term vision to focus on top-line growth.

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