Digital transformation is leading the way to changing organisation’s views on various aspects of their business. Manufacturing is also undergoing a major transformation in terms of digitisation and it’s become crucial for businesses to revisit their operations and make the necessary upgrades. NRI partnered with one such manufacturer whose digital maturity of the plant operations was assessed and solutions that improved operational efficiency and saved cost were implemented successfully

The Objectives

  • Conduct digital assessment & map strategic intervention areas to optimize efforts
  • Implement analytics solutions for in-plant processes based on high-priority intervention areas identified from digital assessment

The Impact Created

  • NRI’s digital maturity assessment framework helped the client uncover gaps in actual and desired levels of digital maturity across the organisation and act as pointers for critical intervention areas to focus digital efforts
  • In-depth operations study across plant processes allowed NRI to tailor digital solutions in order to build capabilities for both short and long term digital initiatives
  • Advanced analytics solutions improved output quality, reduced turnaround-times and automated reporting across business units

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