With rapid changes in the business environment of the FMCG industry, it has become essential to carry out regular restructuring of the organization for operational effectiveness

Effective design is a source of competitive advantage and organizational efficiencies

  • With increasing working population and consumer expenditure, consumption in India is growing rapidly and aspects like branding, multi-channel presence, product innovation etc. are gaining importance. To address all these aspects and strive in this competitive market, companies need a strong organisation structure
  • Many firms are able to achieve fast growth but to have an efficient and sustainable growth, right structure in place is required. This helps in achieving proper resource utilization, better synergies, clear accountabilities and improved employee satisfaction.

Case: Designed a future ready organization structure with inputs on policies and PMS

  • NRI worked with a leading ice-cream company to assess their existing structures and policies, identify gaps and design a future ready structure and policies. This was done through 1) in depth interviews with top management 2) focused group discussions with employees 3) benchmark competitors and related industry players.
  • We understood and mapped their current systems, process and people, identified overlapping and missing areas and designed the ‘to-be structure’. Outsourcing possibilities and shared services opportunities were also identified that helped in optimizing headcount and thus cost.

Support for HR Restructuring to an Ice-Cream Company

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