With changing business landscapes; organizations are looking to develop a robust digital roadmap to unlock the potential of the Indian consumer finance market

Adoption of digital technologies is key to success for NBFC’s of the future

  • With increasing internet and smart phone penetration, NBFC’s are looking to shore up their digital presence by enhancing the end consumer experience on web & mobile based applications and bringing more transparency in the loan process.
  • Additionally, companies are looking to reduce business risk by leveraging the vast consumer data and opening up new revenue streams by employing technology to explore cross-selling & up-selling opportunities along with new customer acquisition through digital campaigns. Bringing in more efficiencies and cost reduction through automation of process is another important area.

Case: Designing operational processes and digital adoption roadmap to be future ready

  • NRI worked with a leading consumer and auto loan provider to enhance their organization processes by leveraging the themes of: 1) Digitalization of data 2) Automation of key processes 3) Adopting AI based solutions.
  • We understood and mapped their current systems and process, identified issues & opportunities, and suggested improvements and new implementations based on the 3 themes identified above by benchmarking competitors and studying the solutions provided by top service providers in this space. Support was also provided to shortlist potential vendors to implement these solutions.

Support for Digital Transformation in Consumer Finance

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