In India, startup companies are those that possess innovative technology, have spent less than five years since their establishment and whose annual turnover is less than 2.5 billion INR (approx. 4.55 billion JPY1). Most of the entrepreneurs in India aim at achieving significant growth in the short run, which makes the differentiation between venture and startup companies quite complicated. According to the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), in terms of the startup, India ranks third globally with 4,200 - 4,400 startup companies by the end of FY 2015, followed by US , UK,  Israel and China. Amongst 4,200 - 4,400 startup companies in India, around 1200 companies were established in 2015. Especially, the startup fever in the nation is riding high since Prime Minister Modi announced "Startup India" in January 2016. Although the startups in Japan are assumed to be a major player in innovation, the establishment of new startups is deadlocked. Many companies face difficulties in growing after their establishment.The difference in the scarious of startups thriving in India and Japan have analysed and assessed in this paper.  The general situation of startups in India and why entrepreneurship is highly popular in India is also shared along with explaining the perspective of academia-industry-government tie-up that encourages entrepreneurship and summarizes the key takeaway for the Government of Japan and Japanese universities.

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