Being a Japanese based global conglomerate working in multiple industries including Aviation, the client\ was looking to develop their business by investing in airport around the world. .

They partnered with us to get an understanding of the potential countries that are most likely to allow private investment in airports, especially the larger ones.

The Objectives

  • Shortlising potential countries looking to privatize in the aviation space
  • Policy study of each country's public-private Program and privatization policy/news for the aviation sector in the country
  • Forecasting investments potential, profitability estimation from the country

The Impact Created

  • NRI through its extensive network and resources pool in aviation was able to support client in understanding the best countries that would potentially have opportunity for private investment and future profitability
  • Through the country and sectoral policy analysis, the client was able to understand the existing trend in terms of privatization and support to private entities in regards foreign direct investment
  • NRI recommended 30 best best countries for PPP and second sale that the client can target for deeper analysis
  • Through the specific aiports and country analysis/evalution, NRI provided direction setting for client to develop a focused entry and investments strategy as next steps

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